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How does my gift to the Heschel Fund impact students?

Your gift to the Heschel Fund supports all of the programs that make our school special and unique: the highest quality education to our students through optimal teacher to student ratios; innovative programs and curriculum that include field trips, assemblies, and special events; state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology; and the most qualified, professional faculty and staff who are given countless opportunities to hone their skills and expand their knowledge through professional development.

Why is 100% Giving So Important?

100% participation in our Heschel Fund is the single most important measure of how strongly our community believes in our mission. Parent giving helps us share our success with alumni families, grandparents, community members, and outside organizations and foundations, inspiring them to support the Heschel Fund too.

High levels of participation also help us when we are evaluated by outside accrediting groups.  When we apply for grants, agencies and foundations look closely at the support we receive from our local community. 

When you make a donation, no matter the amount, it means you’re casting a vote for our importance in the community. 

Why not just raise tuition? 

We keep tuition as low as possible to ensure a Heschel education is as accessible as possible to as many students as possible. The Heschel Fund helps to keep tuition manageable, and unlike tuition, philanthropic gifts to Heschel are 100% tax-deductible.

When should I make my gift?

The Heschel Fund Campaign launches in the fall, and we encourage gifts and pledges to be made in the first 100 days of the campaign (by December). However, donations can be made throughout the academic year, up until the end of the school’s fiscal year on June 30.

Questions? Our Director of Advancement, Alexi Baker,  would love to connect!


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