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Service Learning

"Home is where we love, where we dream, where the care is revealed, where we learn what values to cherish, what goals to be committed to, and the meaning of commitment."

–Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

The Jewish concept Tikkun Olam is defined by acts of kindness which are performed to repair the world at large. Heschel creates an environment in which learning carries an imperative of moral action, teaching tolerance, and promoting an open mindset to help others. By seeking to promote change, our students learn to be active and responsible leaders. Every grade level participates in relevant and developmentally appropriate projects in order for the students to not just understand the concept, but to live its meaning. We teach empathy and understanding, with the goal of instilling a belief system that caring for those in need is a lifelong responsibility. Chesed projects are tied to each grade level curriculum and students visit organizations to help hands-on with activities throughout the year.