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Technology enhances the learning experience at Heschel and offers students new ways to communicate, collaborate, and create. Integrating technology into the curriculum provides opportunities for augmenting and enriching every subject. For students in 3rd through 8th Grade, Heschel provides a one-to-one device program through the use of dedicated Chromebooks. As digital technology rapidly increases in power and versatility, we adapt to the host of new technological possibilities as they arise. Creating a culture of responsible use and a continuous awareness of the positive (or negative) role technology can play in our lives is a foundation of our programs. Our Innovation Center and Maker/Tech Space provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build, and invent as they deeply engage in the arts, science, technology, and engineering.  Learning to tackle real world challenges and developing a wide skill set, prepares Heschel students for the expectations of the future.


In the Elementary School, students are learning digital citizenship, competency in the appropriate use of computer resources, and being introduced to fundamentals in coding, 3D printing, and the foundation to increase their productivity in all areas of their school work. All aspects of our curriculum integrate technology to promote problem solving skills, and design thinking. Students also learn to design virtual reality worlds within a simulated environment. The Innovation Center and Maker/Tech lab offer myriad opportunities for students to collaborate, think and create. The engineering design process is used to facilitate Makerspace projects, and the program is fluid as student driven ideas come to fruition.

A kindergarten student uses SMARTboard technology in the classroom.

Primary grade students use computers to enhance and enrich the classroom curriculum through carefully planned integration with each teacher’s instructional program. In addition to keyboarding skills, students use computers for beginning word processing, graphics applications, and for carefully guided internet research to enrich their classroom activities. Students also learn how to navigate the internet, Google Apps for Education, and how to use name and password security features as part of their routine work with technology.  Heschel students are taught the principles of computer safety and etiquette early on and this learning is reinforced throughout their Heschel years. In first and second grades, the students have Chromebook carts in the classrooms, and in third through fifth grade, students are assigned one-to-one Chromebooks for the year in their classrooms. 


A student inspects their robot during a Robotics enrichment class.

Heschel’s Middle School program provides students access to technology while being mindful of the need to balance screen time and promote unplugged learning and student interactions.

As part of our technology program, every fifth through eighth grade student is assigned a one-to-one Chromebook to be used both at school and at home.

Sixth grader's first trimester schedule includes a technology course that introduces skills and applications they will need throughout middle school and beyond. As students progress, they continually refine their abilities and move toward independence in the identification and utilization of multiple software and hardware programs. Our goal is to help students become self-sufficient, productive, and thoughtful digital citizens in their academic work, extracurricular activities, and in their daily lives.  We prepare students for their future by cultivating critical thinking, creativity, and analytical thinking and the ability to use technology in support of these higher cognitive skills. 

In conjunction with academic coursework, all students use word processing, spreadsheets, graphing, and presentation programs. Research skills are developed using the technologies available on campus. Middle school electives have included creation, development, and psychology behind video games, graphic design, coding, robotics, theater tech, blogger tools, and website design. Students are required to check their emails and the online learning management system daily. Technology is fully integrated into all Middle School courses, including Judaic studies where students engage in online collaborative learning communities in the United State and abroad, and Hebrew, where students utilize adaptive learning programs to individualize and enhance the dual language curriculum.