Tradition - Character - Community

Elementary School

"Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge."
–Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Our Elementary School nurtures students’ creativity and sense of wonder as the first steps on a path toward lifelong learning.  Jewish values inform every aspect of our school day, inspiring students to see how kindness and empathy can shape their lives, our community, and the world. 

How does a vision become a reality? Since our inception, Heschel has been distinguished by our commitment to academic excellence and respect for the whole child. This vision is manifested through our appreciation of individual talents and fostered by differentiated instruction and active learning opportunities, delivered by an exceptionally talented and caring faculty.

To support the wide range of learners who comprise our student population, ability-based groups in reading, mathematics, and Hebrew are offered. The elementary program is enriched by specialists in art, music (general and Judaic), science, computers/technology, physical education, and dance. Teachers, in every discipline, are role models who establish meaningful and supportive relationships with students and families. Throughout their Elementary School experience, students are encouraged and guided to make informed decisions, exhibit initiative and leadership, take responsibility, and above all, to enjoy learning.

We work as partners with our families to:

  • Foster independent thinking
  • Emphasize critical thinking
  • Instill lifelong learning habits and a passion for lifelong learning
  • Provide a rich dual-curricular education in General and Judaic Studies
  • Inspire a love and commitment to Israel
  • Build self esteem
  • Teach and model compassion and ethics
  • Develop informed citizens and leaders

Throughout the Elementary School program, we strive not only to impart information, but to inspire appreciation and wonder. We are committed to continually updating and refining our curriculum. We value the opportunity to work in partnership with our families to meet the needs of our students.