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Administrative Team

Larry Kligman

Larry Kligman

Class of 1985
Head of School
Paula Riley

Paula Riley

Assistant Head of School, Elementary School Director
Emily Coddington

Emily Coddington

Middle School Director
Scott Westle

Scott Westle

Lara Martin

Lara Martin

Director of Admission
Amy Jamieson

Amy Jamieson

Chief Financial Officer
Susan Kussin

Susan Kussin

Class of 1982
Director of Marketing
Gillian Feldman

Gillian Feldman

Director of Development
Eden Lavy

Eden Lavy

Elementary School Judaic Studies Coordinator

Board of Directors

Heschel is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a dedicated and diversified group of individuals committed to the school's mission and goals. The Board is responsible for the financial stability and the financial future of the school while engaging in strategic planning.

2019-2020 Board of Directors - Executive Committee

President Doran Tajkef
Past President Jason Greenspan
Executive Vice President Paul Neinstein ('84)
VP Development Dan Pardo ('83)
VP Facilities Richard Darwish
Treasurer Jon Konheim
Secretary Bonnie Smigel-Derin
Parent Organization President Nancy Pardo
Head of School Larry Kligman ('85)








2019-2020 Board of Directors

Andrew Apfelberg Stacy Palbaum (’82)
Melanie Cohen
Richard Darwish
Dan Pardo (’83)
Nancy Pardo
Jan Goren Malkie Rodin
Felicia Greenspan (’87) Kim Schwarz
Jason Greenspan Bonnie Smigel-Derin
Jodi Groff (’87) Doran Tajkef
Jon Konheim Todd Waldman
Barbra Neinstein Matt Windisch
Paul Neinstein (’84) Larry Kligman ('85) Head of School






Parent Organization Board

Through its activities, the Parent Organization facilitates social interaction among families, supports parent education events, hosts programs throughout the school year, and raises additional financial support for school endeavors.  Every Heschel parent is a member of the Parent Organization and is encouraged to participate. Events such as the New Family Mentor Program, Challah Bake, Heschel Boutique, Mitzvah Day, and Bingo, encourage our families to develop and strengthen friendships, and provide opportunities for both students and parents to socialize and give back to the greater community.

2019-2020 Parent Organization - Executive Committee

President Nancy Pardo
Executive Vice President Kim Schwarz
Financial Vice President Elissa Windisch
Parliamentarian Felicia Greenspan ('87)
Corresponding Secretary Jamie Assouline
Recording Secretary Jamie Assouline
Vice President of Middle School Activities Jamie Assouline
Vice Presidents of Public Relations Amy Konheim ('87)
Marcy Tajkef ('93)
Vice Presidents of Religious School Events

Sharon Camu
Jackie Fisher ('86)
Chrisie Rosenthal

Vice President of School Operations Lani Kreshek ('84)
Vice Presidents of Special School Events Debbie Bromberg
Jade Eiger
Vice Presidents of Volunteer Development Melanie Cohen
Mimi Cohen
Vice Presidents of Ways and Means Talia Abromovitch
Lizzie Scheck Calne
Melissa Darwish
Immediate Past President Felicia Greenspan ('87)