Administration and Faculty


The faculty and staff at Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School are comprised of credentialed and experienced teachers who are passionate about their content and about children. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees from highly respected universities and colleges and have come to Heschel from near and far. All of the faculty and staff are aligned with our mission and values and are actively and integrally involved in supporting the organizational, personal, and spiritual vibrancy of the school. The school generously supports the importance of lifelong learning.



Larry Kligman ('85), Head of School

Marc Lindner, Assistant Head of School, Middle School Director

Paula Riley, Assistant Head of School, Elementary School Director

Katrina Wolfe, Administrative Director

Lara Martin, Director of Admission

Robin Wallach, Director of Advancement

Felicity Swerdlow, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Amy Jamieson,  Director of Finance & Operations

Shirley G. Levine z'l, Founding Head of School, Emerita




Rabbi Jan Goldstein, Rabbi in Residence

Barbara Weinberg, Middle School Academic Coordinator

Patrick Generosa, Information Technology Coordinator

Scott Schaffer, Information Technology Coordinator

Rina Finkelstein, Advancement Assistant

Ilene Lappin, Receptionist

Carol Marmor, Receptionist

Alice Lee, Administrative Assistant

Roseanna Ohanian, Accountant (Accounts Payable & Payroll)

Gali Levi, Senior Accountant

Doris Ortiz, Transportation Coordinator & Office Support

Vera Goldman, Registrar

Anita Withrington, School Nurse

Carlos Penilla, Facilities Manager

Cara Sagal, Librarian

Jay Falk, Communications Specialist




Arnon Arad Elementary School Hebrew and Judaic Studies
Mayan Benami Middle School General Studies/LA-Tel Aviv Partnership
Osnat Bernstein Middle School Hebrew
Debra Bianculli Art Specialist
Deborah Cohen Elementary School General Studies & Camp Director
Allison Coleman Elementary School Art/ After School Care
Efrat Doitch Elementary Judaic Studies/Hebrew
Eric Dollins Elementary School General Studies
Fran Fagen Middle School General Studies
Joanne Fine Middle School General Studies
Melissa Fisher Elementary School Media Specialist
Micah Glass-Siegel Middle School Judaic Studies
David Goldberg Elementary School General Studies
Molly Goldberg Middle School General Studies
Lesley Goldman Elementary School General Studies
Jamie Gomer Elementary School General Studies
Andi Gorin Elementary School General Studies
Ofra Gorodetzky Elementary Judaic Studies/Hebrew
Joyce Grant Elementary General Studies Associate
Erin Guinn General Studies Music Specialist
Jennifer Haber Elementary School General Studies
Judith Hendlish Elementary Judaic Studies and Hebrew Assistant
Eduardo Hernandez Day Porter
Maya Hersh Elementary School Hebrew Chair
Etti Israel Elementary/Middle School Hebrew
Madeleine Jakubovits Elementary School Judaic Studies/Hebrew
Debbie Katz Elementary School General Studies
Timmy Kehrig Elementary/Middle School Physical Education
Dana Kligman Elementary School General Studies Associate
Fanny Koyman Elementary School Judaic Studies/Hebrew
Katja Kwiat Elementary School General Studies
Jodi Lasker Middle School Judaic Studies
Thanh Luong Elementary/Middle School General Studies
Addie Lupert General and Judaic Music Specialist
Iris Mizrahi Elementary School General / Judaic Studies Assistant
Pattie Montgomery Middle School General Studies
Jody Passanisi Middle School General / Judaic Studies
Morris Ramsey Elementary / Middle School Physical Education
Deven Rasey Athletic Director- Elementary & Middle School Physical Education
Kathy Reynolds Middle School General Studies
Renee Robitshek Elementary School Assistant
Lori Rose Elementary School General Studies Assistant
Brent Rosen DeLeT Fellow
Adele Rubin Middle School General Studies/ Math Department Chair
Kathy Salseda Elementary/Middle School Physical Education & MS Student Council
Ivanka Samuelson Middle School General Studies
Debra Schaffer Middle School General Studies/ English Department Chair
Melisa Schechter Elementary School Assistant
Marion Schwartz Elementary Judaic Studies/Hebrew
Krystal Scime Elementary School General Studies
Alisha Sela Elementary School General Studies
Shira Sergant Elementary School Judaic Studies
Gail Shapiro Elementary School General Studies
Lynn Shapiro Elementary School General Studies
Shira Shefi Elementary/Middle School Hebrew
Lauren Sher Elementary School General Studies
Linda Sheridan Elementary School General Studies Assistant
Evan Stanoff

Athletic Coach

Rachel Storms Elementary School General Studies
Madison Trifon ('05) Elementary School Assistant
Judy Tzalka Elementary Judaic Studies / Hebrew  Assistant
Rick Wall Middle School General Studies
Lee Weinstein Israeli Dance Specialist
Rita Weiser Elementary School Judaic Studies/Hebrew Assistant & Assistant Nurse
Efrat Yakobi-Gafni Middle School Hebrew Coordinator
Kelli Youngblood Digital Arts &  Educational Technology Coordinator


Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School
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